​Dancefulness is an old art that is easier to understand from experience than from words & rational explanation. This old art was researched & developed in Israel by Ravit Yasur. The art of ​Dancefulness is using movement & dancing as a powerful tool for healing, growing and breaking through. This art develops movement & dance as a tool that helps us in our daily life to invoke into our life the frequency we need most at a specific moment.

It is possible to order retreats for groups or personal sessions.

3 days retreat in the Negev Desrt in Israel or in Love&Dare above the sea of Gallillee, including sleeping (one shared space) & food (3 meals a day + fruit + warm drinks + cookies all day) &  is only 630$ (USD) per person. Longer sesseions are 180$ per each extra day. for more details please contact.

Private sessions are 99$ (USD) per session (Avg 60-90 minutes).